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Directed 4105L - Avital Remote Start with Keyless Entry

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Control your system with two 4-button Avital remotes with range up to 1,500 feet.

Features and SpecificationsVirtual TachTMeliminates the need for a tach wire in most installationsD2D serial data portSuperhet receiver (HX) for great rangeBitwriter programmable for easy configurationTwo remotes with dedicated AUX outputsLock, Unlock, Trunk Release, and Remote StartOutputs for optional Horn and Starter Kill/Anti-Grind relaysRemote start relays onboardAnti-grind output (relay required)Timer ModeDirected®SmartStart CompatibleLimited lifetime warranty

  • Fault-proof starter interrupt : Keep your car where you parked it with this layer of protection against “hot-wiring” by car thieves.
  • Dual-Zone impact sensor : Detects blows or impacts to your vehicle with this 2-stage sensor that can react either with chirps or the full wrath of the siren.
  • Nuisance Prevention® Circuitry (NPC®) : Neighborhood-friendly anti-false alarm technology
  • Bitwriter programmable : Program your Avital system with the Innovations Award-winning Bitwriter hand-held programmer

Installation kit

An installation kit is needed for proper installation on your vehicle


Manufacturer Part #:4105L