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CIPA 60100 - Blind Spot Mirrors

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Universal Blind Spot Mirrors (60100) by CIPA®. 1 Pair. 8" x 10" Transparent. CIPA Wide Angle Lens enables you to see an enlarged view not available through your inside rearview mirror or side mirror. It dramatically increases visibility and confidence when parallel parking or backing up. The Wide Angle Lens is flexible and easy to attach. It easily applies to the inside of your rear window to eliminate rearview blind spots and increase viewing.


Eliminates Blind Spots And Increases Safety
Increases Visibility When Parking Or Backing Up
Flexible and Easy To Attach
Can Be Cleaned Using Mild Detergent And Water
Useful For Other Types Of Applications

Installation kit

An installation kit is needed for proper installation on your vehicle


Manufacturer Part #:60100