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AXA Lock 59842095US - AXA Fold Lite C100

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The Fold Lite C100 is a light weight folding lock for everyday use. It has been developed for bicycles that are parked for a shorter period of time in a place with a low theft risk (for example in a village or a guarded parking facility).

The folding lock comes with a handy bracket. The bracket can be mounted on the bottle cage. If this is not available on the bicycle, the bracket can be attached to the bar with the 2 strips supplied. Thanks to the anti-rattle mechanism, you don't have a rattling noise while cycling.

The Fold Lite is 100 cm long and has flexible joints, so you can easily attach your bike to a pole or fence. The diameter of the hardened steel links is 5 mm. Furthermore, the links have a rubber housing that ensures that there are no scratches on your bike.

You close the lock with a 4-digit code, which you can set yourself. Ideal for when you don't want to have a key with you.

Safety description
  • Safety level 7

Comfort description
  • Soft sides prevent scratching
  • Easy to use bracket
  • Fits all frames
  • Suitable for: city bikes, racing bikes, mountain bikes and children's bikes

Technical description
  • Length 100 cm
  • Shackels 20 x 5 mm
  • Bracket can be mounted on the bottle holder pivots
  • Bracket can be mounted with straps around frame
  • Weight 725 gr

Installation kit

An installation kit is needed for proper installation on your vehicle


Brand:AXA Lock
Manufacturer Part #:59842095US