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Rhino Rack S606 - VA Underside Tie Down Point

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The VA Underside Tie Down Point is the perfect accessory to complement your Rhino-Rack Vortex crossbar system by creating a secure tie down point for your straps.
Being discretely installed on the underside of the crossbar frees up space on your Rhino-Rack roof rack to carry items, especially for wider loads. You can rest be assured that by using the VA Underside Tie Down Points, your tie down straps will not slip off the outer edges of the crossbar if your load moves.
Creates secure tie down points for your Rhino-Rack Vortex crossbar system.
  • Twotiedown points are supplied to be used for a single bar
  • Creates securetie downpoints for your straps
  • Prevent tie down straps from slipping off your crossbars
  • Fitting hardware is supplied

Installation kit

An installation kit is needed for proper installation on your vehicle


Brand:Rhino Rack
Manufacturer Part #:S606
Warranty:5 years