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Hellwig® • 61902 • Pro Series • Helper Springs • Rear

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  • Set of secondary leaf springs designed to work with OEM leaf springs and support extra loads
  • Pro Series creates the quietest ride by adding polyurethane cushioning blocks to eliminate rubbing noise between leaf ends
  • Silent Ride polyurethane bushings included
  • Recommended for heavy hauling, work truck use, or pulling a 5th-wheel RV trailer
  • Also stabilizes the helper spring in reverse or rebound mode
  • Unique design provides enhanced load and sway control in one spring
  • Crafted from heat-treated ASTM 5160 alloy spring steel for maximum strength and resilience
  • 2-leaf design provides support at the point when OEM leaf springs become loaded and compressed
  • Adds up to 2,500 pounds of load support and leveling capacity to the rear of your vehicle
  • Progressive spring rate is designed never to need adjustment
  • Prevents leaf spring from sagging due to sustained load compression
  • Maintains proper rear ride height
  • Progressive Rate Design is Fully Adjustable
  • Design can handle the load 24/7
  • Mounting kit sold separately
Helps reduce bouncing at the rear of vehicle when towing
Fitted U-bolts and related hardware are included for mounting (drilling may be required)
Manufactured in the United States
This Hellwig Helper Spring set the standard for all other aftermarket helper springs. Featuring Progressive Spring Rate and Fulltime Spring Rate design, this spring is the workhorse of the Hellwig Spring line. With the Progressive design the vehicle must be loaded and its spring compressed to activate the Hellwig Spring, therefore as the vehicles load increases the Hellwig Helper Spring progressively increases its resistance to the load. In the Fulltime design the Hellwig Spring immediately reacts to the vehicles load, therefore compressing very little as load is applied to the vehicle.

Manufactured with heat treated ASTM 5160 alloy spring steel these units increase your vehicles level load carrying capacity up to the manufacturer’s Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. Designed to install on full size pick-up trucks and vans, this unit requires mounting hardware to accommodate 2 1/2? or 3? wide leaf springs. When ordering be sure to identify the spring kit and the appropriate mounting hardware kit to complete the installation. Simple bolt on design using common hand tools provide the installer ease of installation and the vehicle owner hassle free use. “Set it and forget it”. The LP 25 is rated at 2500lbs level load carrying capacity and the LP 35 is rated at 3500lbs level load carrying capacity, not exceed the vehicles Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. Heavy Duty Load Control Applications.

Should you need to replace specific bushings that have become damaged, select only the bushing kit. Polyurethane bushing construction provides superior squish resistance and resists degrading, drying, and crumbling the way rubber bushings can. Not only will these bushings retain their performance characteristics in the most extreme temperatures, they will resist degrading after being exposed to road grime, salt, and oily contaminants found on almost every road.

Hellwig's® history began in 1941 with a patent Rudy Hellwig had been granted for an overload spring design he had developed and perfected. Hammering out the springs by hand in a rented blacksmith shop in Kansas, Rudy moved to California after the end of World War II, steel rationing made materials more widely available. Founding Hellwig Products in 1946 out of Glendale, California, Rudy began manufacturing springs that restored ride height, stability, and control to trucks and campers weighed down with heavy cargo. Rudy's philosophy was to build products that exceed customer's expectations in both performance and durability, and his business practices of taking care of customers after a sale quickly built the company a positive reputation. After a 1963 Hot Rod Magazine feature showed how effectively Hellwig adjustable stabilizers eliminated handling problems inherent in stock Chevrolet Corvair suspensions, word of the company's products spread. In the late 1960s, Hellwig expanded and relocated to their current headquarters in Visalia, California. Hellwig remains a family-owned business with a 4th generation actively and passionately involved today, and looks to the future with excitement of developing and refining products for an ever-changing market. Our website is proud to offer the best values you'll find on a full range of Hellwig helper leaf springs, air springs, sway bars, end links, air compressors, and value-packed upgrade kits designed to enhance vehicle control both on and off the pavement.

Installation kit

An installation kit is needed for proper installation on your vehicle


Série:Pro Series
Manufacturer Part #:61902
Capacity (lbs):2500
Suspension Location:Rear