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Air Lift® • 60818 • Air Lift 1000 • Helper Spring Kit • Rear • Ram 1500 09-18 Classic 19-22

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  • Set of two springs support designed to fit within the center of coil springs
  • Sized for your make and model specifically
  • Both helper air springs add up to 1000 pounds of leveling capacity per axle
  • Prevents vehicle’s main springs from sagging due to constant load compression
  • Maintains proper ride height
  • Helps reduce bouncing at the rear of vehicle when towing
  • Kit includes air lines, quick-disconnect Schrader valves, and all related hardware needed for installation
  • Air springs can be adjusted between 5 – 50 psi
  • Not compatible with Air Lift Smart Air Automatic Leveling System
  • 2-year manufacturer limited warranty
  • Manufactured in the United States
The suspension of any pickup, van, or sport utility that’s weighed down by heavy cargo, permanently affixed equipment, or a trailer is compromised because the rear springs are crushed down to a height they cannot recoil from. Ride quality is reduced, and the front of your vehicle points upward. A rear end that is weighed down literally lifts weight off your front wheels, reducing the amount of traction you have for steering, and reducing the amount of grip the tires have on the road when you need it in fast braking. After enough time, weighed-down springs sag permanently and the effect becomes even worse.

Air Lift’s Air Lift 1000™ Air Springs kit has been created for vehicles that need to carry additional weight. This set of air bags mount inside the center of your vehicle’s original coil springs, and can be inflated manually from 5 to 90 psi. Fully pressurized, they can raise up to 1,000 pounds back up to proper ride height – taking extra stress off coil springs and ensuring a stable, comfortable ride returns. Once your vehicle’s back up to a level ride height, you’ll notice headlights and bright lights stay at the correct aim – illuminating the road ahead instead of the tree tops in the distance. The air springs can be completely deflated with ease when not needed. Air Lift proudly produces the Air Lift 1000 kit in the United States, and backs all components with a limited lifetime warranty against failure due to manufacturing defects.

Founded in 1949 in Lansing, Michigan, Air Lift® pioneered the first rubber air bladder that fit inside coil springs to give pickups and other transport vehicles greater load-leveling and ride-stabilizing abilities. These found wide acceptance on commercial vehicles and were soon adopted throughout NASCAR and other professional stock car racing series after assisting many drivers to achieve victorious finishes. Over the decades, Air Lift has continued to pioneer innovative developments with air spring helpers and stand-alone air springs for mobile homes, ambulances, and heavy trucks. During the 1990s, the company was on the cutting edge – developing high-performance air springs and complete air suspension systems that allowed extreme lowering, stunts, and higher levels of handling during aggressive driving. Today, Air Lift is ISO 9001:2008 certified for best business practices, manufacturing, and customer satisfaction and their range of high-quality products is widely respected throughout the industry.

Installation kit

An installation kit is needed for proper installation on your vehicle


Brand:Air Lift
Série:Air Lift 1000
Manufacturer Part #:60818
Capacity (lbs):1,000
Drilling Required:No
Suspension Location:Rear
Warranty:Lifetime Warranty